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Journal of Historical Studies is a biannual research Journal of Department of History, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. The Journal provides a forum for dialogue and discourse through the publication of original researches of historical nature in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural context. Its scope is extended to the publication of Research Articles, Review Articles, Book Reviews, Notes, Comments and selections from the classical texts of historical nature. The Research and Review articles are peer reviewed by two reviewers, at least one from academically advance countries as per policy of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for HEC approved Journals. Journal of Historical Studies contextualizes the role of historical knowledge in the wider cultural contacts between ideas, people, sciences, beliefs, regions and times as a conceptual and functional continuity to the present times and future times. The geographical, ethnic and structural formations of societies’ institutions, ideas and actions inform the nature of culture of conflict, assimilation and progress in this globalized world. The journal welcomes researches and debates on these issues and problems.

Editor: Muhammad Shafique
Assistant Editor: Safdar Ali

Editorial Advisory Board
Notes for Contributors

Journal of Historical Studies
Volume 2 Number 2 - Jul-Dec 2016
Selection from Classics
Keynote Address by Prof. Khurram Qadir at the Opening Session of the 24th IAHA International Conference of Historians of Asia, NIHCR, Quaid-i-Azam University. 5th December to 9th December 2016
Research Papers

Annales in Mirror Of Postmodernism: Archaeological Appraisal of World System Theory
Rafida Nawaz & Azra Asghar Ali

Confucian Philosophy and Chinese Ethnic Minority Policy: A Case Study of Xinjiang.
Fawad Aslam & Yu Wenjie

Nonviolence Movements In South Asia: The Case of Khudai Khidmatgar 1929-47
Hamad Malik

Historical Mapping Of The Communication Technology In India
Madhu Bala

Ideological Representations of Pak- India Relations in Political Cartoons of Post 9/11 Print Media of Pakistan
Sarwat Jabeen

Book Review

Heather Lehr, The Iranian Revolution, New York, Chelsea House, 2010
Dr. Ali Muhammad Bhat

Michael Hamilton Morgan, Lost History, Washington 2008.Pages 301, price U.S$15.95
Muhammad Waris Awan

Journal of Historical Studies
Volume 2 Number 1 - Jan-Jun 2016
Selection from Classics
Introduction of Sirat Ibn Ishaq Translated by A. Guillaume (Part-I)
Selected by Rehan Iqbal
Research Papers

Muslims Historiography of the Caliphate in the British India (1857-1947)
Shumaila Firdous

Reflections on State Centrism (The Realist Paradigm) in International Relations from Peripheral Realist Standpoint
Rafida Nawaz

The Life-Experience and the Philosophical Meanings: Defining the Nomenclature of Simone de Beauvoir’s Feministic Thought

Natasha Kiran & Abdul Rahim Afaki

An Historical Overview of the Accession of Princely States

Attiya Khanam

Social transformation Paradigm: Paradoxes between Traditionalism and Modernism in Pakistan

Fatima Ali & Dr. Asmat Naz

Book Review

Ahmad Rashid, Taliban, New York, I. B. Tauris & Co Ltd, 2010, Pages 319, $ 11.57.

Sarwat Jabeen

Journal of Historical Studies
Volume 1 Number 2 - Jul-Dec 2015
Selection from Classics
The Excellence of Medieval Muslim Historiography Ibn Khaldun’s Introduction to Muqaddimah Kitab al-Ibr
Research Papers

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatma Gandhi, Ali Brothers and the Non Cooperation Movement in British India 1920-1922
Riaz Ahmad

Authority and Power in Post-Taliban Era: Karzai  Government and Consolidation of Marginal
Ghulam Shams-ur-Rehman

SurajKund: A lost icon in the hagiography of Shah Shams in Multan

Hasan Ali

The Historical Forms of British Socialism in the Arts and Crafts Movement

YU Wen-jie

Inaugurating The Bridge At Sukkur


Book Review

Andrew Small, The China Pakistan Axis Asia’s New Geopolitics, Haryana,India: Random House India, 2015, Pages 347, $12.57.

Gohar Ali Iftikhar

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Journal of Historical Studies
Volume 1 Number 1 - Jan-Jun 2015
Editor’s Note
Selection from Classics
Ibn Khaldun on the State of History and Historiography: Foreword to Muqadimma Kita-al-Ibr
Research Papers
On Multan’s Built Environment: Indian and Anglo-Indian Architecture in Multan (1857-1947)
Françoise Dasques

The Bohar Tribe of Cholistan: An Anthropology of Cultural History
Abdul Razzaq Shahid & Rizwan Ali

Politics of Religious Activism during the final Phase of Pakistan Movement: A case study of Kul Hind Jam’iyyat Ulema-i-Islam
Khalil Ahmad

Jinnah’s Cultural Vision of Pakistan
Abdul Rashid Khan

Map Plotting and Naming Evolution of South China Sea Islands during Republican Period
Yu Wenjie & Xu Sangyi

Book Review
Ayesha Jalal, The Sole Spokesman Jinnah, the Muslim League and the Demand for Pakiatan.
Reviewed by Turab-ul- Hassan Sargana

M.A. Ashraf, Tarikh-e-Sahiwal Kadeem aur Jadeed Khatoot ke Roshani Mein.
Reviewed by Muhammad Shafique

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