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Directorate of Public Relations

The Directorate of Public Relations is established to provide different services to the University to promote the academic and extra curricular activities in the media for the positive image building of the institution. This office functions as a facilitator and liaison between the respective teaching departments and administrative offices. This Directorate also encourages and endorses extra-curricular activities among students and promotes these activates through media to inform parents and public about the progressive contribution of this great educational institution of the southern Punjab. The Directorate provides information related to the ongoing development projects and academic achievements of the university. Directorate is also responsible to provide press briefings about the administrative decisions, administrative changes and policy matters resolved or decided by different bodies of the university.

Prof. Dr. Omer Faroq Zain
Director Public Relations

Mr. Muhammad Khurram Afzal
Deputy Director Public Relations

Mr. Tahir Mehmood
Deputy Director Public Relations

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