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In the history of human being the difference in quality of education and research played a vital role in the socio-economic development of a country or society. Keeping in view the need of the quality education to face the challenges of globalization, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) issued a policy and provided financial support to establish Quality Enhancement Cells at university level, particularly for public sector universities. In compliance to the regulatory requirement and realizing the need of the hour, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan established a Directorate of Quality Enhancement in 2007. Initially, the Directorate was headed by various professors/Deans with additional charge of Director Quality. However, in 2009 an independent Director and Deputy Director with bear minimum staff have been recruited on the visionary directives of the worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zafarullah.

It is worth to mention that the Directorate will focus on the management of academic standards, quality of higher education and the other initiatives of continuing improvement through a systematic approach. The prime purpose of such a system would be to maintain and improve the level of the educational programmes and other elements affecting them. The system would involve in identifying the outcomes of educational programmes, designing, implementing and reviewing the instruments of quality assurance such as processes and developing appropriate data bases together with the means of gathering and processing information effectively. All the students and nation at large should benefit from this quality systematic.