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Flow Injection-FAAD determination of Chromium, Iron, Potassium ans Sodium in Commercial Sweets with on-line Pre-Concentration using Ion-Exchage Resin

M.Y.Khokhar, J.Iqbal and S.B.Niazi

Abstract: An on-line pre-concentration method based on flow injection ion-exchange analysis combined with flame atomic absorption spectrometry has been developed for the determination of chromium, iron, potassium and sodium in commercial sweets. Cation-exchange resin microcolumn has been used for pre-concentration of metals. Effect of flow rate on the binding and elution and pH for binding and molarities of eluting buffers for Cr, Fr, K and Na has been investigated.

Keywords: FIA,FAAS,Pre-concentration,10n-exchange resin,Metals,Sweets