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Resistance of Different Cotton Varieties to Cotton Leaf Curl Virus under Field Conditions.

Muhammad Aslam and Atif Ali Gilani
University College of Agriculture, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan.

Abstract: Nine cotton varities (228/19, AC-134, MNH-440, MNH-410, MNH-295, MNH-329, MNH-93) were evaluated for Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (CLCV) resistance. For CLCV, percent-infected plants were recorded on 62, 75, 82, 97, 104 and 114 days after planting (DAP). For whitefly, adults per leaf were counted on all these days expect 62 DAP. Different in percent CLCV infected plants was significant among varieties on the first observation (62 DAP). From 75 to 114 DAP difference in percent infected plants was significant among the varieties tested. On 114 DAP, MNH-93 had the lowest infection (5.17%) followed by MNH-329 (9.93%). Highest infection was recorded in 228/19 (46.97%) and the second highest in S-12 (31.3%). Infection in other varieties was 18% to 28%. It was concluded that MNH-93 was resistant, MNH-329 moderately resistance, 228/19 highly susceptible and S-12 susceptible to CLCV. Whitefly , Bemisia tabaci (Genn) population was no significantly different among varieties on any observation date, which indicate that response of the tested varieties to CLCV was independent of the whitefly population.

Keywords: Bemisia tabaci, CLCV resistance, cotton