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Agro-Economic Impact of Different Weed Control Strategies i Wheat

Muhammad Bismillah Khan, Muhammad Asif and Nazim Hussain
Department of Agronomy, University College of Agriculture, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan.

Abstract: This experiment was designed to study the impact of weed control methods on the productivity of wheat. Various weed control practices significantly affected the fertile tillers, grains spike, grain yield (t ha-1) and economics returns in wheat. Mechanical harrowing produced significantly maximum grain yield (2.8 t ha-1). Hand hoeing and mechanical harrowing inreased the 1000-grain weight significantly over control. Mechanical harrowing gave the maximum net returns (Rs. 7200/- ha-1) over control (Rs. 1060/- ha-1) where no weed control practice was adopted.

Keywords: Wheat, Hand hoeing; Mechanical harrowing; Yield and yeild components; Economics analysis.