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Muhammad Iqbal Makhdum, Muhammad Nawaz A. Malik, Shabab-ud-Din, Fiaz Ahmad and Fazal Illahi Chaudhry

Central Cotton Research Institute, Multan, Pakistan.

 Abstract: A study was conducted at Central Cotton Research Institute, Multan during crop season 1995 to determine the effects of foliar applications of methanol on physiological processes, water relations, growth and yield on cotton cultivar CIM-240. The treatments consisted of untreated check, 30% methanol, 30% methanol plus 2% urea and 30% methanol + 2% urea + 2.5 litre per hectare foliar fertilizer (Omex Foliar 3x Emulsion). Four foliar applications of solutions were made during bloom stage. The results showed that foliar application of methanol, and/or of urea/foliar fertilizer had positive effect on physiological processes, water relations, plant structure and seed cotton yield. The foliar application of 30% methanol caused significant increase in seed cotton yield by about 9% over untreated check. These data suggest that methanol has potential to improve productivity of cotton crop under our arid and semi-arid environment.


Keywords: Arid and semi-arid environments, bloom stage, cotton, methanol foliar, physiological response.