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SOCIO-ECONOMIC CORRELATES OF PESTICIDE USAGE: THE CASE OF CITRUS FARMERS Ghulam Yasin1, Muhammad Aslam1, Ijaz Parvez2 and Safina Naz11University College of Agriculture, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan 60800, Pakistan, 2Directorate of Pest Warning and Quality Control of Pesticides, Agriculture Department, Punjab, Multan. 

Abstract: The socio-economic factors affecting adoption of pesticides on citrus trees in Sargodha Division, Pakistan was studied. Six villages were selected (three from each sub division) for data collection. Overall 150 orchard owners (25 from each sample village) were interviewed. Data were analyzed using SPSS programme. Gamma test and chi-square were used to check the direction and magnitude of relationship between independent and dependent variables. Among the sample, 48% respondents were spray users. The socio-economic factors that influenced farmer's receptivity to citrus spray were age (negatively correlated), education (positively correlated), social status (positively correlated), farm size (negatively correlated) and farming experience (negatively correlated). By incurring Rs. 3,600/= per ha on spray farmers received Rs. 19,000/= as an incremental benefit. Marginal rate of return indicated that by spending Re. 1.00 on spray farmers would get an increase of Rs. 5.27 in their income. Keywords: adoption, citrus, pesticide, socio-economic correlates.