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EFFECT OF Bakain (Melia azadarach) AND AK (Calatropis procera) AGAINST LESSER GRAIN BORER Rhyzopertha dominica F.

Said Mir Khan and Assad Ali Marwat

Department of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture, Gomal University, D. I. Khan, Pakistan.

Abstract: The leaves, bark and seeds of Bakain (Melia azadarach) and Leaves, bark of Ak (Calatropis procera) were tested for their deterrent/repellency in powder form against Rhyzopertha dominica F in wheat grain. The data showed that all of the treatments i.e. powders of Leaves, bark and seeds of Bakain and Leaves,  bark  of Ak significantly deterred/repelled the tested insect (R. dominica) in grains compared to control. Best results were obtained with the application of bakain's bark powder with 98.95 percent insect deterrent/repellency of the insect, followed by powder of Ak's leaves and bark of Ak with 89.25 and 86.50 percent deterrent/repellency of R. dominica respectively. Seed of bakain with 73.75 percent insect deterrent/repellency was found significantly least effective, followed by leaves of bakain with 82.50 percent repellency of the tested insect.

Keywords: Ak, Bakain, Repellency, Rhyzopertha dominica.