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M. Y. Nadeem, T. B. Sadhana, M. Altaf and M. A. Chaudhry

Department of Physics, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan

Abstract: The phosphate glasses of composition x% MnO-[50-x]% CdO-50% P2 O5 where 0<x<15 and concentrations are in mole %, were prepared by melt quench technique. The optical absorption spectra for these glasses were measured in the UV-Visible spectral range. No sharp edges were found for these glasses which verifies their amorphous nature. The optical band gap energies for all these samples were calculated using the Mott and  Davis relation and were found to be in the range 3.48 eV to 3.87 eV. It was also observed that the optical  band gap energy decreases with increasing MnO contents.

Keywords: Mott and Davis model, optical absorbance, optical band gap energy, phosphate glasses.