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  Jahanzeb Qureshi1, Shaukat Ali Awan2 and Syed Amer Mahmud1

1Department of Space Science, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

2Chief Meteorologist and Director, Flood Forecasting Bureau, Lahore.


Abstract: Monsoon spells in Pakistan have a significant importance in the weather of our country. This importance of monsoons tracks really comes out in summers. Monsoon conditions are best developed as northeast (winter) and southwest (summer) monsoon in the sub-tropics. The rainy season associated with the southwest monsoon is the outstanding feature of the climate of these regions and the term monsoon is popularly used to denote these rains, without reference to the winds. This study states that intense low-pressure systems affecting Pakistan during the Monsoon seasons cause heavy rainfall and floods. This study has been carried out to determine the tracks of movement of some specific cases of the depressions from their formation to recurvature and inflexion till dissipation. Meteorological date plotted on the mean sea level charts have been used to calculate the center of pressure systems, upper air data have also been used to determine the convergence pattern and centers of these low- pressure systems. The actual cloud formation and resulting precipitation areas have been identified and delineated with the help of weather satellite pictures of NOAA 9, 10, 11 and 12. Thus the study has been carried out, keeping in view the surface position, the upper air position and satellite picture of an intense monsoon system. The results derived have given some very interesting aspects regarding the behavior and movement of the monsoon storm tracks. Although this work is at preliminary stage, it is hoped that these observations and findings would open a new gateway in the field of forecasting the movement of the monsoon depressions over Indo-Pak sub-continent. 

Keywords: Intense meteorological system, monsoon, weather satellite pictures.