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Library plays a major role in the academic life of the University. The fundamental role of the library being educational it should not operated as a mere store-house of books, but as a dynamic instrument of education. The Central Library of the University is being organized on these lines. The library collection support not only every course in the curriculum, but also include selected stock of general material of books, periodicals, publications, news papers etc. Most of the Departments have their own departmental libraries situated in their own buildings. The total number of books in Central Library and Departments Libraries up to June 2000 was 1,09,000. The administration of the Library is vested in the Library Committee which is responsible for efficient management of the Library.  The facilities of a Book Bank are also available to the University students who can procure Text/Reference books from the Book Bank at every reasonable rate (10% of the Book price) and retain the book(s) for a period of one year.