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Department of Pathobiology

Discipline Established: 2015
Chairman : Dr. Muhammad Irfan
Contact Email: veterinary@bzu.edu.pk

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The Department of Pathobiology was established in August, 2015 in the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, which is acting as a basic and fundamental module of the Veterinary Sciences.
The Department of Pathobiology constitutes three major sections

  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Parasitology

The Department is imparting professional skills and technical knowledge relevant to veterinary sciences and animal welfare to under and postgraduate students in a fully devoted and dedicated way. Through its multidisciplinary approach, the department addresses complex problems in biomedical and veterinary sciences. Research emphasizes multi-host disease systems, with the goal of improving animal health at the individual and population levels in a broad social and environmental context. The students are groomed to be a professional veterinarian by a process of innovative approaches to teaching, learning and clinical provision, which puts them at the forefront of veterinary and animal sciences. The Department of Pathobiology is actively engaged in research, teaching, and implementation of modern diagnostic tools and advanced molecular techniques for the diagnosis, treatment, control and immune-prophylaxis of contagious diseases of Livestock and Poultry. Research is directed toward basic biomedical science, comparative medicine, and applied aspects of animal diseases. Expertise in the Department of Pathobiology spans Microbiology, Immunology, Parasitology, Virology, Epidemiology and Pathology.
University Diagnostic Laboratory
Appropriate and in time diagnosis of a disease can ensure successful treatment of any ailment. Keeping in view, FVS has established a diagnostic facility by the name of University Diagnostic Laboratory with the objective to provide efficient diagnostic facilities to poultry and livestock farmers of the country in general and southern Punjab in particular. UDL is equipped with highly sophisticated diagnostic tools for Hematology, Cytology, Urinalysis, ELISA testing, PCR, necropsy examination, environmental testing, culture sensitivity and rapid plate agglutination test etc.
UDL is being run by highly qualified veterinary professionals with diverse expertise in animal disease diagnosis and health monitoring. Apart from providing diagnostic and health facilities UDL is also actively engaged in providing advisory services to the poultry/livestock farmers in the best interest of farmers. UDL is also serving as an excellent source for the training of DVM graduates where they get hands on training on different diagnostic assays being performed in the labs.

Department mission
The mission of the Department of Pathobiology is to discover and disseminate new knowledge of diseases through research and diagnostic services that will benefit the health of animals and the public, while engaging and educating students for productive careers in service and scholarship.

Research Activities

  • Immunoprophylaxis against parasitic infections/infestations in poultry including development/evaluation of vaccines (Bacterial, Viral and Parasitic) and native biological response modifiers
  • Feasibility of natural biological response modifiers (NMRM) to be used in poultry and their therapeutic efficacy against avian coccidiosis
  • Epidemiology of parasitic diseases of veterinary significance
  • Epidemiological survey of zoonotic diseases
  • Isolation of microbes from animals and its byproducts
  • Pathology of infectious and non-infectious diseases of Poultry
  • Toxico-Pathological studies of drugs, pesticides/ mycotoxins in Livestock and poultry feed
  • Course Name
  • Eligibility Criteria

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