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Department of Education

Discipline Established: 1986
Chairman : Dr. Khalid Khurshid
Contact Email: education@bzu.edu.pk

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The Department of Education was established in September, 1986, with the major purpose to produce competent, enlightened and welldisciplined teachers at the Master’s level, i.e. M.A.Education and M.Ed. for both Arts and science students. Initially, the Department started with four teachers. The staff strength has now grown to twelve. Out of these, four hold Ph.D. degree.

The initial enrolment in M.A.Education and M.Ed., was 48 students which has at present gone upto 250. The services of foreign experts and renowned educationists are also secured from time to time with a view to improving and updating the quality of teaching/learning process. The library of the Department is adequately equipped with relevant text books and reference literature. The department also houses two science laboratories fully equipped with relevant material and one computer laboratory having 35 P-IV systems connected with the university local area network. The purpose of the computer laboratory is not only to provide the basic computer training to the students but also to meet the requirements of different research programs and projects of the department.

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