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Department of Sociology

Discipline Established: 2001
Chairman : Dr. Kamran Ishfaq
Contact Email: sociology@bzu.edu.pk

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The development and progress of any country is always related to the development of educational institutions. Bahauddin Zakariya University has emerged as a centre of excellence over the years in higher education in Pakistan. The Department of Sociology has started functioning since 2001, keeping in view the demand of this discipline in Southern Punjab. Sociology, as an emergent discipline is the driving force and the main determinant of the development in every society. Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan has always contributed in the development, organization and progress of education and human resource development in Pakistan. Realizing the significance of this popular social science, the initiative was taken to establish the Department of Sociology to address the socio-economic and cultural issues and their policy implications. Initially, this department was the part of Institute of Management Sciences (IMS) and started on self finance basis. Later on, in 2005, after getting the approval of PC-1 from the Higher Education Commission (HEC), this department has started working as an independent discipline.

Keeping in view the advancement in various disciplines of social sciences and the quality of education provided in the best universities of the world, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan has structured the Sociology program as a combination of research and course work.

Our main objectives are to:
• Develop high quality professionals and behavioral scientists that are committed to pursuit of excellence, and are endowed with vision, courage and dedication.
• Improve academic standard in this region through the generation, assimilation, and dissemination of knowledge.
• Make a significant and meaning-full contribution towards the social and economic betterment of Pakistan through development of these human resources.
• Prepare people of this area to serve as intellectual resource base in this region.

With an experienced faculty, well equipped newly constructed building, high class facilities of library and highly conducive environment of teaching and learning on campus would enable the university to produce graduates possessing professional competence in the various fields of sociology along with humanistic, moral and problem solving qualities.The Department also houses a computer laboratory having 40 P-IV systems connected with the wireless network. This laboratory has not only been well equipped with multimedia but it also provides free access to HEC Digital library and e-library. The Department has a library containing more than 4000 latest foreign books on diverse social issues.

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