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Faculty of Agricultural Sciences & Technology

Discipline Established: 1989
Dean : Prof. Dr. Hakoomat Ali
Contact Email: uca@bzu.edu.pk

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Agricultural potential and specific ecological conditions of the region led to the establishment of Agriculture FAS & T of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan in 1989. The construction of the FAS & T building was started in 1990. Three academic blocks, one for Agronomy and Soil Science, second for Agricultural Entomology and Plant Pathology and third for Horticulture and Plant Breeding and Genetics have been constructed. A boys hostel [Hamza Hall] for 250 students and 19 residences for academic staff have also been constructed. Eight research laboratories (in the field of Agronomy, Soil Science, Food Science, Entomology, Plant Pathology Forestry, Range and Wildlife Management, Horticulture and Plant Breeding and Genetics) have been set up for conduct of practical and research work. In addition Central Postgraduate Research Laboratory and Chrysopa Research Laboratory have been established recently for postgraduate students.

Moreover, construction of academic block for Agricultural Economics and Biometrics and Agricultural Education and Extension departments along with 75 staff residences have been completed recently. From year 2009, the College has been elevated to the status of an independent faculty named Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering. Four new departments have been established with keen interest and auspicious guidance of Worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zafar Ullah, and dynamic leadership of Principal, Prof. Dr. Mushtaq A. Saleem and on the intelectual input of teachers. Under the directive of Governor Punjab/ Chancellor, a new Department of Agricultural Engineering was established at the College w.e.f. September 2004. The department offers courses of studies leading to degree of Bachelor of Science and Ph. D. in Agricultural Engineering. In these degree programmes, the same fundamental courses are taught as approved by the HEC and in other Agricultural Engineering Institutions with emphasis on agricultural problems, like Water Management, Farm Machinery and Environmental Pollution etc. Six laboratories which include Surveying Laboratory, Drawing Hall, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Soil Mechanics Laboratory, Engineering Mechanics Laboratory and I.C. Engine and Tractor Laboratory have been set up for conduct of practical work to the students of Agricultural Engineering while the establishment of other laboratories and a Civic Center is in process. There are following three Disciplines under the

Umbrella of Agricultural Engineering and Technology:
i) Water Engineering and Management (WEM).
ii) Farm Machinery Energy (FME).
iii) Structure and Environmental Engineering (SEE).
iv) Food Process Engineering (FPE).

At present the Faculty has 45 regular teachers and a number of visiting teachers borrowed from various departments of the University, Agriculture Departments and Institutes at Multan. Out of 45 regular teachers, 26 are Ph.D. degrees holders, while Ph.D. of nine teachers is near to completion and seven are registered in various universities. Sixteen teachers have done their doctorate or post doctorate form various universities of technologically advanced countries like, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, UK and USA, having a large number of research publication of high impact factor. So far one Professor and six Assistant Professors are serving under Tenure Track System of HEC and one Professor is taken from Australia under Foreign Faculty Program of HEC.
Experimental/Research Farm
Agricultural Experimental Farm of 40 acres is attached with the Faculty for demonstration of crop production practices, and 20 acres are reserved for faculty research. Research work has been initiated on various aspects of field and horticultural crops. The emphasis is on the development of improved varieties of crop along with improvement of cultural practices, cropping system, weed control, insect toxicology, insecticide resistance, integrated pest management strategies and Agro-forestry suited to the local conditions. Nine acres of mango and citrus orchard have been established under drip irrigation system. Six rows of different tree species along with the College boundary wall irrigated with bubbler and drip irrigation system have also been established for clean and green environment.
College Library
The Faculty library has been shifted in new building and more than six thousand volumes of latest books on various disciplines of agriculture and allied sciences are available. It has been converted into fully air-conditioned library to facilitate the readers.

  • Course Name
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture
  • F.Sc (Pre-medical) or Equivalent Examination with 50% marks
    Determination of Merit
    Aggregate marks in F.Sc (Pre Medical) or Equivalent plus 20 Marks for Hifz-e-Quran.

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  • M.Sc (Hons.] Forestry Range & Wildlife Management
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture in the relevant subject

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  • M.Sc (Hons.] Food Sciences & Technology
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture in the relevant subject

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  • B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering
  • F.Sc (Pre-Engineering) or Equivalent Examination** securing atleast 60% Marks.
    Determination of Merit
    For Applicants with F.Sc (Pre- Engineering) / For Applicants with Diploma of Associate Engineering as Highest Qualification
    i) 70% weightage to marks obtained in the Pre- Engineering or equivalent examination including 20 marks for Hifz-e-Quran.
    ii) 30% weightage to marks obtained in the Entry Test conducted by UET Lahore
    For Applicants with B.Sc as Highest Qualification
    i) 35% weighatage to marks obtained in B.Sc
    ii) 35% weighatage to marks H.S.S.C Pre- Engineering or Equivalent examination including 20 marks for Hifz-e-Quran.
    iii) 30% weightage to marks obtained in the Entry Test conducted by UET Lahore

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  • Ph. D. in Agricultural Engineering
  • M.Sc. Agriculture Engineering or equivalent qualification

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