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Department of English

Discipline Established: 1975
Chairman : Dr.Naveed Ahmad
Contact Email: english@bzu.edu.pk

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The Department of English at the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, was set up in 1975 when this University came into existence. The Department offers two Masters Degree programs: MA English and MA English Language & Literature. MA English is predominantly a literature-based program, whereas MA English (with specialization in Language & Literature) prepares students for effective teaching of English as a second/foreign language. Diploma in ELT is also aimed at improving the linguistic and pedagogical competence of those who have already earned Masters Degree in English Literature. The Department offers M. Phil. and PhD Programmes in Linguistics and English Literature. These programs are meant for rigorous training in the field of Linguistics and English Literature. The M. Phil. programs in Linguistics and Literature ultimately leads to PhD The Department has the distinction of offering one of the largest PhD programmes in Pakistan. The Department also offers short Spoken English program which is aimed at improving the communicative competence of the students. The graduates from this Department are serving in various prestigious public sector and private organizations in Pakistan and abroad. They are serving in Civil Services, Armed Forces, Judiciary, Media and Educational institutions.

Currently, the Department has 12 faculty members. Five of whom are PhD degree holders while four members are pursuing PhD research at the universities in New Zealand and Germany. The rest of the faculty members hold M. Phil. degrees. Three of the faculty members have also conducted post-doctoral research in British and American universities. The specific areas of research interest of the faculty include Linguistics, English Literature, Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics and Gender Studies. The faculty has published a large number of papers in national and international HEC recognized journals. The faculty members hold honorary positions in various national and international organizations and are contributing proficiently in this capacity. The Department is not only training personnel to contribute effectively to various sectors but is also engaged in research at the M.Phil. and doctoral level which is leading to the creation of knowledge and training of researchers who can make a difference in academic and professional fields. The faculty and the students of this department have won various prestigious awards like Fulbright, Commonwealth and HEC awards, scholarships and fellowships.
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