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Department of Sports Sciences

Discipline Established: 2010
Teacher Incharge : Syed Zeeshan Ali Hmadani
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With the great vision of the president of directorate of sports and pioneer chairman Prof. Dr Muhammad Ali (present Registrar), the department was established in 2010 to offer master degree in the discipline of sports sciences. The aim of the department is to equip the future sports scholars and coaches to address the challenges in sports. The study in the field of sports involves scientific principles of sports exercise and the ability of the body to perform physically. Exercise and sports sciences are the scientific study of physiology and Bio-mechanics in relation to the ability of the human body to adapt to motion, movement and physical activity. Sports sciences graduates generally have strong educational back ground therefore they may find work in both training and academic institutes. Alternatively, a degree in sports sciences can also lead to career opportunities in fitness instruction, nutrition and scientific research. Degree program in sports and fitness help students to develop skills required by various employers. Whether you are new to the field or sports professional seeking to raise the credentials and promotion, career in sports sciences, medicine or fitness can be extremely beneficial. M.Sc degree program in the field make the students acquainted with advanced scientific concepts and techniques that will enable them to better serve the needs of athletes, sports officials and injured individuals.
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