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BZU IT Center

IT Centre, BZU is established as service providing centre in 2008 by a vision to provide reliable IT services to our valued Staff and students. Since then, IT Centre is one step ahead in providing a door step services to the University.

Contact: +92-61-9210077 - itcenter@bzu.edu.pk

Director IT
Dr. M. Muzaffar Hameed
Deputy Director IT
Ms. Bushra Firdus
Lab. Supervisor
Mr. Imran Anjum
System Support Engineer
Miss. Lubna Rani
Network Maintenance Supervisor
Mr. Qaswar Abbas
Sub Engineer (Electrical)
Mr. Mohsin Raza
Lab Technician
Mr. Muqeet Irshad
Senior Clerk
Mr. Allah Wadhaya

IT Centre Services

Following are the services provided by IT Centre Staff

  • Providing and Managing Internet Services
  • Providing Network Infrastructure Services
  • VOIP Phones and Video Conferencing Services
  • Management and Maintenance of University Website and Web Services with the help of Mr. Muzaffar Hameed (Assistant Professor)
  • Distribution and Management of Anti Plagiarism Software in University
  • Managing Digital Resources
  • Security Based ID Card Printing (With the help of Computer Cell, Registrar Office)
  • Provide technical details of all IT procurements in University
  • Providing trainings to end users
  • Campus Management Solution for Complete University (Deployment under Process)


Achievements of I.T. Centre:

To cope with the everyday need of IT infrastructure and internet service to the end users, IT Centre, BZU is continuously managing, upgrading and updating its services.

In 2006, University was having only 2Mbps internet bandwidth but now University is having 156Mbps international internet bandwidth for its more than 3000 network nodes and above 14,000 users. Internet service is provided in all current departments and each and every room of hostels. University has passed through phases to enhance its internet bandwidth with implementation of PERN1 to VSAT then to PERN2 project of Higher Education Commission. A PoP site has been established at BZU to interconnect all universities of the Pakistan. University has yearly extended its Network infrastructure from nearly 18 new departments have been included in main network using Fiber optic in last two years. High end servers and router have been purchased to run university IT services in these years also.

A state of the art and hi tech Video Conferencing Room has been established with the help of HEC. Keeping in view the performance, HEC has selected IT Centre staff for two foreign and multiple local trainings in the field of Networks, Anti Plagiarism Software and Video Conferencing.

Moreover IT Centre has established in-house security card management and CCTV based security control room. More than 12000 cards have been printed for the staff and the students and most of areas of university have been covered to monitor through security cameras.

Currently university is running wired and wireless based internet and network services, at campus and VPN based digital library service, security card system, anti plagiarism software distribution and management. We are currently at power with the international standards and moving towards highly efficient and reliable IT infrastructure to support research and academics in the university.

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